I responded to a call for artists from the Ronald McDonald House Charities, Baltimore (RMH) with this 48” x 30” watercolor painting entitled “Pandogmonium”.

A new larger RMH is currently being built in the historic Jonestown neighborhood.  RMH knows, as we all do, that art can strengthen healing and lift the human spirit.  This painting was created with joy and chaos in mind, for the RMH “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE” project.  I am honored and delighted that Pandogmonium will find its new home in RMH, scheduled to open in 2019.

There are 37 hearts ♥️,  hidden and not so hidden, in the scene.  I hope you have as much fun looking for them as I did hiding them.

This 48" x 48" painting was my first attempt using part of my new roll of arches 140 lb paper.

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